Digital X-Rays

Why Your Pet Should Receive Digital X-Rays at Camanche Veterinary Clinic

X-rays can prove essential for diagnosing hidden conditions in your pets. These invisible rays pass through solid materials to varying degrees, depending on the density of the materials. In traditional X-ray procedures, this effect leaves a black-and-white image on photographic film. The results can reveal whether your pet is pregnant, display tooth overgrowth or other dental problems, or confirm a fracture in the delicate bones of a your pet.

Unfortunately, traditional x-rays have some disadvantages. They expose your pet to a certain amount of radiation, and the film development process can take several minutes, with imperfect images having to be taken again (thus involving even more radiation). Digital X-rays do away with many of these problems. This technology exposes your pets to much less radiation per image, and the results are instantly available for viewing as digital files.

Digital X-rays also offer much greater image detail and clarity than traditional film-based X-rays. The images can be blown up, digitally enhanced with different colors, and shared with other veterinary specialists almost instantly via email. Dr. Berkland can show you these images on a monitor screen right away, explaining the findings, and recommending treatment options. Last but not least, digital X-rays are easily stored in a computer folder for quick reference, allowing us to chart your pet's progress over time.

Your pet won't experience any discomfort from the X-ray procedure itself. However, we may administer a sedative beforehand to help your pet relax and lie still for the digital camera, thus ensuring sharper images while keeping your pet calm. 

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